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“I wish to thank Anna a lot for the series of ThetaHealing sessions we had earlier this year. Anna helped me to find the solution for some of my personal issues (physical health and social life problems), which bothered me during that time. It was also quite interesting to discuss with her the human evolution perspectives=)

I know Anna has completed some new TH Practitioner courses and gained more experience since our last session. I believe she’s got a gift to heal people and it’s great that she’s steadily improving her abilities in this field, so I hope she will continue her practice. Therefore, in case of possible life issues in the future I may always count on Anna’s help.”


“My experience in Theta Healing comprised of 3 sessions (August- October 2015), for which I am much grateful to Anna.

I learned about Theta Healing from Anna in July. It was unexpected discovery, as since the last spring I have stubbornly shook up and updated my mindset, which I managed to consciously identify as inhibiting. It was useful, but much less efficient than doing that with Anna and theta healing technique))

From the perspective of logic, it may seem that it’s hardly possible to trace the entire complex changes resulted from TH, but now I feel as though I was positively and powerfully updated. Like a child led by the hand, I was lovingly brought into happier life, where I was accepted and inspired with optimism, and together we found the weak pointsin my worldview, discovered the alternatives and implemented them in the consciousness. It was surprising to realize that my consciousness readily accepts the certain mind sets, but fails to adopt the others immediately. When it happened, we continued to look for the ways of preventing and solving such issue. Moreover, sometimes the consciousness even spoke or answered to Anna by itself. The things seemed quite strange for Anna, but intuitively clear for me, although little unexpected)).

After each session, the life started to seem more joyful and easy for me, and the changes occurred in my behaviour and manifestations. Besides that, after our sessions my mind was filled with some new updated perceived visions of myself, my future life, my objectives, principles and guidelines. The first 2 sessions hacked the system of my usual worldview, then fit in it and slightly improved me over time. On the third session, we managed to dig so deep that it seemed like I started my life again. I felt so cool and new like never before, as if I had changed from inside (became relaxed and free).

I’m delighted to realize how quickly theta healing technique helps us to update our mindsets, and at once seems so natural to live with this new mind sets and think in a new way. I strongly recommend this technique!!!”


“I’d like to thank Anna for very unusual experience of healing internal problems using the Theta Healing technique. After the session, I felt myself inspired and encouraged with firm confidence that everything would be fine. Many things in my life fell into a groove, I managed to deal with my internal contradictions and blocks that prevented me from going ahead.

I am much grateful to Anna! Highly recommended.”



“We had three sessions with Anna, and results were above all my expectations. I went there to solve the specific issues, but eventually we started to dig deeper and discovered my hidden fears and feelings, etc. I felt like I was literally reloaded. For me, the most important result we archived is that now I can enjoy myself being a mother instead of being torn between the worrying, fatigue, necessity to make everything in time, etc.My intuitions and instincts have also sharpened – many things started to happen naturally by themselves, as the saying goes, at the most suitable moment. Many problems were relieved. For me personally, Anna was a great help and inspiration. Large respect and huge thanks!”

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